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Classic Fresco Pigment Set

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The colors in our Classic Fine Fresco Pigment Set have been chosen with great care. They are all studio tested and historic pigments imported from around the world. The pigments are packaged in fine-looking hex shaped clear glass jars and are available in sets of 12 colors… these are the same pigments that we use in our frescos, and our painting workshops.

Each of the 12 jars contains 100 grams of raw hand-packed color, including Bianco san Giovani (Fresco White), historic "Verdaccio and "Terra di Vincenca.

All pigments except Bianco di San Giovani (Fresco White) can be ground with the distilled water and kept in the same jars under the layer of distilled water for indefinite use. San Giovani (Fresco White) needs to be ground fresh with the distilled water on the day of painting.

After purchasing your Fine Fresco Pigment Sets, certain pigments, such as Bianco di San Giovani and other colors that are used more frequently will be made available to you for purchase on an individual basis. Please use our “Contact Us” form for special orders.