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Buon Fresco Foundations: FULL SET - 5 Volumes Bundle - FS Membership

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The Buon Fresco Painting Foundations 5 DVD Set is a highly detailed tutorial and real-time demonstration of foundational steps in painting on wet plaster - afresco. Over 10 hours of real-time footage (replayed at higher speed to fit the DVD), numerous charts, text and illustrations, narrated real-time by the author iLia Anossov.

iLia Anossov’s Malibu Fresco project has been featured on the covers of 5 premier international magazines including Architectural Digest (AD) USA, AD Germany, AD Italy, House and Garden UK, C Magazine USA. Currently iLia Anossov is teaching fresco painting at the Fresco School and the GETTY Institute in Los Angeles

Fresco School (FS) Membership includes:
1. Buon Fresco Foundations Tutorials DVD Set (5 DVD Volumes)
2. Free phone consultation with a Fresco School Expert (once per year).

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Buon Fresco Foundations: FULL SET - 5 Volumes Bundle

Full all 5 Volumes Price $374.95 - Bundle Price $325.00


Buon Fresco Foundations: Volume 1 - FRESCO PLASTER

Buon Fresco Foundations: Volume 2 - FRESCO CARTOON

Buon Fresco Foundations: Volume 3 - FRESCO PIGMENTS & PAINT

Buon Fresco Foundations: Volume 4 - FRESCO PAINTING - VERDACCIO

Buon Fresco Foundations: Volume 5 - FRESCO PAINTING - COLOR

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topics Covered:

Fresco Tools & Materials
Fresco Lime Putty
Plaster Ratios & Coats
Plaster Mixing & Application
Arriccio & Intonaco Coats
“Paint Ready” Tests
Storing Fresco Plaster
Fresco Support Options

Fresco Cartoon Tools & Materials
Fresco Cartoon Format & Application
Sketching Views for Choice
Value Range and Light
Core and Cast Shadows
Principles of Perspective
Composition and Giornatas
Drawing for Painting Foundations
Cartoon to Plaster Transfer Methods

Natural & Synthetic Fresco Pigments
Testing Pigments for Fresco Painting
Fresco Pigments Grinding & Storing
Lime White & Preparation and Use
Preparing Paints and Color Tones
Paints for Transparent & Impasto Painting
Principles of Building Layers
Flesh Tones & General Color Principle

Principles of Underpainting
Underpainting Color
Verdaccio Color Variations
Process of Verdaccio Underpainting
Background Details
Highlights & Shadows
Adding Light & Shadow accents
Final Adjustments

Base Colors
Building Color Tones
Opaque vs Transparent Color
Building Highlights
Adjusting Tone and Details
Adding Color to Shadows
Adding Highlight & Shadow Accents
Final Adjustments

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REVIEWS -----------------------

"Honestly is the most complete work I have ever seen regarding the technique
of fresco. I mean, you are even explaining the right amount of paint that should
be on the brush? When I was going to school to learn how to be a conservator,
most things that you are explaining so well, I had to figure out by myself so
any one that can get hold of this, should be perfectly ready to start to work.
No excuses!"

Elisabetta C. P. an Italian conservator,
worked on the "Last Supper" by Da Vinci and frescoes by Tiepolo


"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful set of instructional DVD's about
Fresco! They are so thorough and the real time capturing the very physical
nature of the prep work and actual painting are invaluable. As a teacher,
I wonder myself about doing such a project for oil painting. Bravo for your
investment of time and effort!"

Liza B., an artist and faculty at the New York Academy of Art

I initially watched this 5 volume set of Buon Fresco DVD’s because they were highly recommended by another artist for my own use as a professional painter. I have an MFA, and have made my living in visual arts 40 years. Researching instructional materials for my university, museum and high school art classes I’ve never experienced such excellent detailed technical explanations combined with demonstrations start to finish as on these DVD’s.

It’s quite possible for anyone to watch all 5 videos in this set and create a quality fresco or greatly improve their art, either along with the artist-demonstrator or after watching. It’s also possible to separate the components into individual techniques; I now refer my drawing class students, adults and those in high school, to Vol 2, “Cartoon,” replacing my own materials, lectures and demo’s in values.

In short, watching and listening to these demonstrations is like an apprenticeship with a master artist. The advantage of real time as compared to the TV or DVD usual “chef style” of magically seeing the work already half complete, is that the student sees and hears details that would only be seen and heard over months or years of watching and listening. These gems appear, for example, while waiting for the materials to reach the proper stages. It’s one thing to say “mix the sand and lime together until blended,” and another to see exactly how water is added, how it’s stirred, turned over, cut and patted, how long it takes and exactly how it should and shouldn’t look and feel when ready. “You’re ready to paint when it’s slightly dry” is not as accurate as watching a test paper curl in a certain way to show that readiness.

The techniques, with the exception of the first, “Fresco Plaster, “are not only applicable to virtually any media, but should become familiar and basic to all artists.

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