Buon Fresco Foundations: FRESCO PIGMENTS & PAINT

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Buon Fresco Foundations - Fresco Pigments & Paint DVD introduces the student to the foundational principles and techniques of preparation and use of FRESCO PIGMENTS & PAINT (natural earths, oxides, mineral and lime-safe synthetic pigments) for True (Buon) Fresco Painting. Topics illustrated include the step-by-step process of selecting/testig and storing of classic and contemporary pigments for fresco filmed in real time without omissions. Student will be able to see exactly how long each step takes and what tools and methods each requires. iLia Anossov (fresco) guides the student by thorough and clear demonstration of the foundations of pigments and preparation of paint relevant to any size fresco.

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Topics Covered:

Natural & Synthetic Fresco Pigments
Difference Between Old and New Method Pigments
Testing Pigments for Fresco Painting
Fresco Pigments Grinding & Storing
Lime White & Preparation and Use
Preparing Paints and Color Tones
Paints for Transparent & Impasto Painting
Principles of Building Layers
Flesh Tones & General Color Principle

80 Minutes of Lecture
+ Bonus Material

Fresco artist iLia Anossov (fresco) is one of the very few artists in the world who can be considered masters of the art of fresco painting. His knowledge of the techniques of this most difficult, important yet endangered art form is sought out by his contemporaries at great art institutes and museums. Since 1997 iLia has been teaching at the Fresco School the only art school that offers ongoing fresco curriculum throughout the calendar year. Since then a great number of students attended his workshops enrolling from US, Canada, Europe. iLia’s combination of recognition and creative imagination has graced scores of public and private buildings, homes, events. His work includes Albuquerque Fresco, 73rd and 76th Academy Awards ® Governors Ball, Ceasars Palace, 50th Annual Emmy Awards ®, Restoration of David Hockney’s mural at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, fresco portrait of legendary Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett and much more.

“Our Goal is to have Frescoes being painted in every town! , By very modest estimate this will take at least 10, 000 artists , a life time to accomplish!” - iLia Anossov (fresco).