Fresco Plaster Weld

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Ever wondered how to apply fresco painting plaster over painted drywall or wooden panel?

Fresco Plaster Weld is added to the Base Coat/Layer (mix-ratio 1 part lime to 2 parts sand) right before application during plaster conditioning instead of water. Just the same way you would add water minutes before the application to soften the mix - and applied to pre-painted (drywall) walls or primed plywood/wood panels (2 coats of commercial primer or paint).

For installing to pre-painted Drywall or Primed Panel You will need to have 3 Coats/Layers (allow plaster to fully cure, between applying coats):

1 - Base Coat/Layer (add FP Weld)
2 - Arriccio Coat/Layer
3 - Intonaco Coat/Layer (painting coat)

NOTE: Fresco Plaster Weld is added ONLY to Base Coat/Layer!

General proportion is - 16 oz of the Fresco Plaster Weld to 4 quarts of Arriccio Fresco Painting Plaster (ratio 1 part "Colonial Fresco lime Putty" to 2 parts sand).

or use with our stock "Fresco Painting Plaster - ARRICCIO"

16 fl oz (one container) to "Fresco Painting Plaster - ARRICCIO 10 kg"

32 fl oz (two 16oz containers) to "Fresco Painting Plaster - ARRICCIO 20 kg"