Fresco Painting Plaster - ROMAN MARMORINO 10kg

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Roman marmorino fresco painting plaster has 1 to 1 ratio of fine aged fresco lime putty and fine marble meal. This plaster ratio was used by romans in Pompeii and by Diego Rivera.

Marmorino plaster has Greek origins where it was used for high polished surfaces, Natural pigments can be added into the plaster to alter color (comes white).

This plaster ratio is dense when applied, it has limited ability to accept paint, paint layers or opaque paint mixes. During the Renaissance, to accommodate for the advances in painting (value principles, aerial perspective, etc.) which require multiple layers; this plaster was replaced by the classic plaster ratio of 1 to 2 (referred to as Intonaco - plaster direct translation from Italian, also used to refer to the final painting plaster layer) - 5 part lime putty to 8 parts of aggregate - sand and/or marble meal (for pure white plaster).

However this plaster provides a beautiful marble-like surface as it is. Diego Rivera used an adopted and refined watercolor approach to work on this plaster.

For experienced fresco painter whose style require polished looking surfaces with a lot of exposed (uncolored) areas.

This is a premixed at our facilities product - use within 3-4 months, keep in a sealed container. If stiffens or unused for over 3 month, remix adding a little of distilled water.