Fresco Painting Plaster - INTONACO 10kg

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Mixed to order, please add 2 business days to the delivery

This Renaissance and Byzantine classic Intonaco (final painting layer) fresco painting plaster has a ratio of 5 (FIVE) parts of fine aged fresco lime putty and 8 (EIGHT) parts Washed River Plaster Sand. This professional plaster ratio was and still is used fresco painters around the world.

Natural pigments can be added into the plaster to alter color (comes slightly off white due to the color of sand).

This is a classic fresco plaster with perfect absorption of paint needed for layered painting. Italian term "Intonaco" is used to refer to the final painting plaster layer. A direct translation from the Italian of the word "Intonaco" is Plaster, refers to all lime/sand mixes. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH "Plaster of Paris" - WHICH IS GYPSUM and NOT SUTABLE FOR FRESCO PAINTING.

During the Renaissance, to accommodate for the advances in painting (value principles, aerial perspective, etc.) which require multiple layers; this plaster replaced Pompeian (Roman) Marmorino plaster proportions.

For experienced and beginner fresco painter.

This is a mixed to order at our facilities product - use within 1 (ONE) months, keep in a sealed container. If stiffens or unused for over 1 month, remix adding a little of distilled water.