Fresco Painting Plaster - ARRICCIO 10 kg

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Mixed to order, please add 2 business days to the delivery

Ground, Arriccio Fresco Painting Plaster is a base, support layer plaster for the arriccio (brown, float) coat with a proportion of 1 (ONE) parts of fine aged fresco lime putty and 2 (TWO) parts Washed River Plaster Sand.

Natural pigments can be added into the plaster to alter color (comes slightly off white due to the color of sand).

This is a classic base (ground) fresco plaster for layers preceding the final, Intonaco painting coat. Italian term "Arriccio" is used to refer to the last layer preceding Intonaco (final painting layer).

For experienced and beginner fresco painter.

This is a mixed to order at our facilities product - use within 1 (ONE) months, keep in a sealed container. If stiffens or unused for over 1 month, remix adding a little of distilled water.