Fresco Clay Lath - Standard Roll

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Fresco Lath is the ultimate plaster base / foundation for a fresco plaster thats larger than a ceramic tile or is supposed to be painted on unusual surfaces.

Its based on a old patent back from 1889 issued by the German Empire and its been used all over the world since then.

Its basically wire mesh coated with a unique clay mixture at the crossing points that is burned to brick in a special burning process.

The fired clay on it combined with the plaster creates an hydraulic reaction which is the foundation of roman cement. Therefor it generates the most durable and solid plaster base for the fresco while saving material and time.

It may require only one coat before the Intonacco, thus you can combine Rough and Arriccio coat to one, saving resources and time with an increased inversive strength.

It can be attached to almost any surface using different tools available, therefor enabling you to paint Your Buon Fresco anywhere you want and garnish almost every object with a Fresco.

One standard Fresco Roll is approx. 3.2ft by 3.34ft or 10.75ft² large and comes foil wrapped.

Weight: approx. 11lbs

Bigger rolls (16.14ft by 3.34ft / 53.9 ft²) for large projects only are available on request (minimum order 100+ rolls, lead time 3 month.

General directions for the application of Stauss Fresco Clay Lath can be found here (pdf-file)

Below are some pictures of the Wall Project in Los Angeles where we used Fresco Lath to be able to paint a Fresco on the temporary wall that blocked Wilshire Blvd. on Nov. 8th, 2009.

Its easy to attach to almost any surface by just using nails or stapling it every 10-25 inch apart.

On smaller frescoes like this one can actually combine Rough and Arriccio to just one plaster coat, thus saving material and time.

This is already the Intonacco coat, ready to be painted on.

Artist, paiting the Fresco.