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Premium Fresco Painting Brushes Set

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Premium Fresco Painting Brushes Set. Perfect fresco painting bristle brushes. Soft bristles hold excellent point, soft and gentle on plaster. Hand Made for the Fresco School Best fresco brushes available!

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Set of 3

#1 - for detailing and lines
#2 - for all around fine work
#3 - for building up of values and color

Unlike with oil and/or acrylic mediums, with which brushes have a relatively short life (even with care after a few month brushes become unusable); Fresco brushes last for years!

"The medium of Fresco is all natural and pure - no solvents, no glue in the medium, just pure water - brushes last for years. I still use brushes that are 12 and more years old!" - iLia Anossov (fresco)