Colonial Fresco Slaked Lime Putty 20kg

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Pit slaked Aged Lime Putty of the highest quality prepaired from high calcium limestone. This lime has been used on the Malibu Fresco project by iLia Anossov. Keeps moisture longer, resulting in extended painting time. Makes perfect lime white color for painting

Our Colonial Fresco Lime Putty is pure aged lime putty of the best quality. This lime putty is also used for variety of plaster finishes such as marmorino, Venetian stucco, scraffito, and scagliola.

This is the LIME PUTTY - NOT A PLASTER, you need to mix it with aggregate (sand and/or marble meal, etc.) in a desired proportion/ratio.

Large Bucket - 20kg
(makes about 50 sq. feet of the fresco plaster for walls and 10 - 12 lightweight 20"X20" fresco panels or 40+ of 16"X16" fresco tiles)

Shipped in air tight bucket and can be stored under the layer of water in the same bucket indefinitely.

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